Smart industry workshop: Securing the digital factory

The modern factory needs to make use of sensor data to automate processes and remain commercially viable. But what are the costs? Where does an operation start? How do they scale? And more importantly, how can they keep their operational data and assets secure from external exposure and threats? This workshop answers those questions.
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Webinar: Digitalisation of Capex to power a 360 project view

Join us for an exclusive conversation with Antonio Sciuto, Global Business Development Officer at Salesforce on Digitalisation of Capex to Power a 360 View of Projects and Deliver End to End Efficiencies. From his experience as former President of Nestlé North America, Antonio understands the challenges of managing large Capex envelopes, the lack of visibility and the inefficiencies along the process. In this webinar, he will talk about digital innovation in the mining industry and how Salesforce can help mining companies in navigating digital transformation. Antonio will also speak about: The challenges of managing the Capex process and how an integrated platform approach allows improvement of E2E visibility and coordination. See how you can achieve 10-20% project schedule acceleration Breaking silos through effective data integration and stakeholders’ collaboration Enhance the individual phases of the Capex cyle and drive process efficiencies leveraging flexible digital solutions. See how you can achieve capex reduction between 10-15%. This is a unique opportunity to hear more on how to digitally transform a mining business, unlocking value and eliminating inefficiencies.
Speaker – Antonio Sciuto, SVP, Global Business Development Officer, Salesforce
Antonio Sciuto is the Global Business Development Officer at Salesforce. His main goal is to develop and execute strategies to accelerate business transformation, with a primary focus on Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC), Infrastructure Operators and Mining companies. In this capacity he partners with the customers’ Executive Leadership Team to deeply understand business needs and opportunities to unlock value creation leveraging the “full power” of Salesforce. Before joining Salesforce, Antonio gained 20+ years of experience as a global business executive in more than 50 countries. He became a Salesforce Trailblazer during his 9 years at Nestlé. As Global Head of eCommerce, he led the digital transformation of the B2B and B2C Nestlé Group operating model. As President and CMO of the $5Bn Nestle Waters business he established a $1Bn DTC business in North America – one of the largest and a case study for the CPG industry. A Vision that came to reality powered by fully integrated solutions on the Salesforce platform. Read More