Shell’s high-performance lubricants: Fuelling success in extraction and haulage

In the extraction and haulage industry, the selection of effective lubrication solutions can truly drive success. Recognised as a global leader in the petroleum industry, Shell offers an extensive range of cutting-edge products specifically tailored to meet the lubrication needs of its customers.

With an unwavering focus on enhancing performance and maximising equipment lifespan, Shell’s solutions, including the acclaimed Spirax S4 AX 80W90, Rimula Ultra, and Rimula R4 L, have earned widespread trust across various industries.

Spirax S4 AX 80W90

Spirax S4 AX 80W90, one of Shell’s flagship offerings, stands poised to meet the rigorous demands of the extraction and haulage industry. This high-performance gear oil provides unparalleled protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation. Incorporating advanced additives and carefully selected viscosity, Spirax S4 AX 80W90 ensures peak performance of gear systems, seamless shifting, and reduced downtime.

From heavy-duty transmissions to gearboxes and axles, Spirax S4 AX 80W90 guarantees durability and reliability, enabling machinery to operate at optimal efficiency.

Rimula Ultra

Rimula Ultra, a testament to Shell’s commitment to excellence, takes centre stage in meeting the challenges posed by harsh operating conditions in the extraction and haulage industry.

Engineered with an advanced formulation, Rimula Ultra delivers superior wear protection, exceptional soot handling capabilities, and extended oil drain intervals. Empowering heavy-duty diesel engines, this state-of-the-art engine oil optimises power output, fuel efficiency, and overall reliability.

By choosing Rimula Ultra, fleets are poised for maximum productivity, accompanied by reduced maintenance costs.

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