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Liebherr launches new battery-electric wheel loader

Liebherr has officially launched its new L 507 E battery-electric wheel loader, combining the advantages of a Liebherr Stereoloader with a battery-electric drive design.

The L 507 E battery-electric wheel loader has been available from Liebherr sales partners in several European countries since Octobre 2023 and is the first electric wheel loader in the group.

One of the main benefits of the L 507 E is that it emits no CO2 onsite. Noise emissions are also kept to a minimum, making the model suitable for inner city areas as well as mine sites.

A new high-voltage battery system, specially developed for the L 507 E, ensures a powerful performance and efficient charging.

Running time has been increased by the possibility of installing a second lithium-ion battery, but even with just the one battery, the wheel loader has a running time of up to eight hours, meaning it can put in a full days work.

“The L 507 E is based on the conventional Liebherr L 507 Stereo wheel loader. This means that the new battery-electric wheel loader also features stereo steering,” Liebherr said in an announcement.

“This combination of articulated steering and steered rear axle combines the advantages of conventional articulated steering with those of all-wheel steering.

“This results in a minimal turning circle and a reduced articulation angle of 30 degrees, which increases the stability of the wheel loader.”

Another benefit of the L 507 E is that it can be used intuitively and hardly differs from a conventional wheel loader.

Therefore, even less experienced operators can work safely and efficiently with Liebherr’s battery-electric wheel loader.

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