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Minprovise is combining the best design features into one solution

Minprovise is a specialist products, engineering and services company that provides expert support to the mining, oil and gas, and construction sectors.

Such support includes the supply of mineral processing equipment, onsite installations, maintenance and repairs, shutdowns, offsite repairs, and fabrication.

The company’s suite of products covers mineral processing and bulk materials handling equipment along with other specialty products.

In 2017, Minprovise was approached to support the specialist Apron Feeder maintenance market, and soon its work became the benchmark.

Three years later, Minprovise embarked on a journey to develop its own MAF – Apron Feeder Series, which would combine all the best design features on the market into one machine, with the primary focus on safe maintainability.

To learn more, download the brochure here:

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