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Certified explosion proof pumps for underground coal mining

Designed and engineered for hazardous underground coal mining, the Truflo Pumps’ Explosion Proof Submersible Pump series is now available for immediate delivery.

There are six pumps in the series with application suited from swilly and general transfer right though to high flow high head multi-purpose big lifting. The pumps have superior performance in class across the board when compared to competing products.

Importantly, each pump is officially IECEx certified with SIMTARS accreditation. This certification is proof of compliance to industry safety standards adherence and that mining personnel are protected.

Build quality of each pump is extremely robust for the most challenging of underground environments with casing pressure tested to guarantee flame paths.

Depending on the configuration, pumps have double mechanical seals, buffering oil chambers, L10 bearings packed with lithium grease. The pumps feature fast change-out of worn impellers (which in some cases can be done underground).

This product showcase appeared in the March 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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