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Flexibore 250 – a layflat solution for submersible pumps


The Flexibore 250 bore water pipeline is compact and easy to handle. Its modern, flexible technology allows operators to install submersible pumps in a fraction of the time compared to conventional fibreglass risers.

Constructed by integrating thermoplastic polyurethane into a high-tenacity polyester woven textile reinforcement, the hose has exceptional tensile strength in one continuous length. 

Similar to a 16-tonne-rated lifting sling, Flexibore can support the submersible pump and the water column without a safety cable.

With its inherent swelling feature, Flexibore is resistant to corrosion and microbiological damage. This preserves its excellent hydraulic efficiency for the life of the hose. As fibreglass pipe can often create a rigid surface for encrustation, the associated pumping costs due to increased energy needs often go unnoticed. In contrast, Flexibore will never succumb to iron bacteria build-up, according to the company. Flexibore is reusable, easily relocated and can be left out in the sun without damage. 

Crusader Hose designs and manufactures Flexibore in a range of diameters up to 10 inches and with deep bore pumping capabilities to depths of 400m. Crusader Hose is here to support your mine in achieving its profitability and sustainability objectives.

To find out more, visit the Crusader Hose website.

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