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Victoria’s golden sunrise


There could be more gold on the horizon for Victoria, with Resources Victoria urging would-be gold prospectors to get outdoors in search of treasure.

The latest find for the state was a nugget weighing 119g, found between Inglewood and Wedderburn in Victoria’s north-west.

The nugget was found seven months after a metal detector-using prospector dug up a 4.6kg nugget in February, worth around $240,000.

Hobby gold hunters in Victoria possess a miner’s right which allows them to keep any gold they find. Currently, there are over 83,000 active miner’s rights in the state.

“Recreational prospecting has a long and rewarding history in Victoria and can result in Eureka moments, with valuable finds made in recent years,” Earth Resources Regulator executive director Anthony Hurst said.

“Recreational prospecting is a great way to introduce friends and family to the state’s historic gold regions and the enjoyment of searching for gold using metal detectors or hand tools like sieves and pans – and it could result in a discovery or just good fun.

“Buying a miner’s right for $27 could be the best investment you ever make.”

While it is easy to get set-up to search for gold in Victoria, hobbyists should remember that the use of mechanical equipment and explosives is not allowed, and vegetation and Aboriginal objects must not be removed or damaged.

All other public land rules must be obeyed when prospecting, including taking all rubbish home and restoring the area by backfilling any holes.

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